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Assalamualaikum and happy weekend everyone!
Last week, I had a personally meaningful session when I had to present on The Story of Dhul Qarnain in Surah Al-Kahf.
One of the important lessons that I shared is to appreciate human as a person more than resources.
So, fb has been quite a medium where you can find a lot of people (a.k.a human resources) and get connected in a positive way, if and only if, you treat it correctly.
So, now, I would love to open the floor for you to please come and introduce yourself. I noticed a few names who are always on my fb notification list – appreciate your support, but why not, don’t be ‘unknown’ anymore. Come and introduce yourself. :)
My name is Nik Nur Madihah Nik Mohd Kamal, currently UIA student. Been to UK, and Jordan before finally ended up in UIA. So people keep on pm me and asking me, “are you the best student from Kelantan etc etc etc” I don’t really answer that specific question (please don’t get offended), simply because I want people to recognise me as me, not as someone who used to get 20A’s in her SPM. If you’d like to add me into your friend list or following list, do it just because you think I am worth added/followed.
Ok, let me answer that question, once and for all, now- Yes I am that Nik Nur Madihah.
Anyway, here I am. Would like to know you guys more. :)
-Tell me your name
-Studying/Working. Basically, what you do.
-What is(are) your personal skill(s) that you honor most eg designing/writing/reading/speaking/math/drawing/handling kids and children/baking/ etc etc etc
-What do you look for when you add/follow me
The reason being, I am currently into a few things with my close partner. Perhaps if I know you guys better, we can team up?
You can also ask me any question, I will choose top 3 best questions and publish here with my answers, inshaAllah.
Would love to hear from you soon! :)
E-mail/FB name:*
What you do:
What is(are) your personal skill(s) that you honor most :*
What do you look for when you add/follow me :*
One question you want to ask me:

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