You are in a hall full of people and everyone is busy with some kind of activity. Suddenly a group of men you’ve never met before storm in and start shooting randomly at everyone. Fearing for your life, you lie down and play dead as the insane killing goes on, till you feel numb in the midst of other bodies you don’t even know are dead or alive. After some time, you realize that the noise is almost gone as the men stop shooting and maybe start leaving the scene where you lie down, now, feeling unsure if you have been hit yourself.

Then help arrives. When at length convinced that the bad guys are gone and the good guys have come to your rescue, finally you gather courage and force your eyes open, and discover that the ones you have been lying next to are lifeless bodies. Everyone else is either severely injured or simply killed. Feeling overwhelmed with mixed feelings as you begin to realize that you are still breathing, and with only minor injuries, you decide to tell the world what happened.

With the ‘help’ of some other people who were not there, you become 100% sure that you’re able to tell who those men were. And automatically you know who to hate and tell others to condemn to hell.

Convenient. In spite of all chaos and confusion.

We are deeply saddened by the terrible incident in Peshawar and other places.
Heinous is the act of anyone who kills civilians indiscriminately. What more if they claim to do it in the name of Islam! We condemn the killing and we condemn anyone who besmirches Islam with it!

But how can justice for the lost lives and the wounded be sought with heads down and eyes shut to the reality of how things work in this age of fitan? When killings are lucrative, and people’s lives are cheap, who really cares about the massacre? The real culprits don’t care whose lives they destroy.

Because they always kill for a bigger reason, that’s often unthinkable for tired minds like ours. As the ‘victims’, isn’t it truly unfortunate if our sad situation is further being manipulated to degrade Muslims and confuse people who don’t know Islam any better?

Written by: A good friend of mine. Credits to her. 🙂