We are a group of young Muslims who seek to create opportunities to advance in life and become self-sufficient, positive contributors to the Ummah.

We believe in mindful and healthy trading and commerce, as encouraged in Islam. We seek to tread and revive the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAW through this avenue.

In the quest to bring change, we believe in coming together to collaborate in order to give, so that, in turn, we may support each other in taking.

Thus, we advocate and promote the culture of producing and distributing useful goods and services by entrepreneurs of the Ummah, near and far.

In doing so, we hope to earn and share the intended worldly benefits (i.e. the Prophet SAW himself indicated, 9/10 of the wealth comes from business) as much as we seek to gain the Creator’s pleasure ultimately.

We aim for the Ummah, we start with ourselves. If you believe in the same aspiration, do support and join us!

Thank you and please pray for us.

DukkanMaya is a project of me and a few other friends. Please show your support by visiting our page at

Every click counts, thank you in advance! 🙂