I believe, each woman, is strong in her own way or else, why would we be given the huge responsibility to carry a child in our tummy for almost nine months and then deliver a baby, something that a man can never do.

Some people claimed that the tears of a woman is the source of their strength. I dont know how true is the statement, but I have to admit, crying has always been one of my ways to channel out my pressure.

“Accordingly, Mary conceived the child, and with it she went away to a distant place. Then the throes of childbirth urged her to take shelter under a date palm. There she began to cry, “Oh! would that I had died before this and sunk into oblivion” (Maryam :22-23)

Even Maryam a.s cried when she was facing the difficulties while giving birth to Isa a.s. and then Allah sent His angel to comfort her, in the following verses:

“At this the angel at the foot of her bed consoled her, saying, “Grieve not at all, for your Lord has set a spring under you; as for your food, shake the trunk of this tree and fresh, ripe dates will fall down for you; so eat and drink and refresh your eyes; and if you see a man, say to him, `As I have vowed to observe the fast (of silence) for the sake of the Merciful, I will not speak to anyone today”

Maryam is the best example of a true story, recorded in the Holy Al-Quran on how a woman can survive, even when she is alone. the ultimate dependency on Allah SWT.

If Maryam set example for unmarried women, Hajar came as an icon for the single mother. Being left by Ibrahim a.s at a dessert, far away from the people, where no one lives, she obediently accepted the fact that her beloved husband has been ordered by Allah SWT to do so.

And her love, for her husband, Ibrahim a.s remained in her heart. She stayed loyal to him though it was very difficult for her to go through the period.

strong woman


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I have experience doing saie from Safa to Marwah, a ritual that was decreed in remembrance of Hajar running to and fro the two hills in order to get some water for her son, it was so exhausting and I cant imagine myself being in her shoes at that time, without water, under the scorching heat of Sun.

Hajar truly deserves to be honored.

I want to be as strong as them, and I will remind myself of their stories every time I feel down.

I had enough of relying on others, and I really hope that I can stand on my feet, no longer expecting for assistance from others.

I know it’s hard, and some times I feel weak too. I fall to my knees, my words eat myself. But, I guess, that’s life? I’ll learn from every downfall and I hope I’ll gradually loosen my grip to something I shouldn’t be holding to.

Oh Allah, please help me to be content with You as my best companion, lend me some strength to shed my own tears.