Back then, when I was in Nottingham doing Physics and my weeks were full with theories and calculation, I would always wait for Saturday to come for one reason, and that is..

Kelas KAFA at Notts!

Alhamdulillah, walaupun tak sempat lama di sana, but working closely with Kak Erni Yentti has given me lots of sweet experience dealing with kids! They brought smiles in the midst of stressful Matlab courseworks and Physics worksheets, uh God bless them! Amiin..

Kak Erni Yentti or now well-known as Ummu Ammar Amir has published THREE books for children with Telaga Biru ! Alhamdulillah, starting with Tafsir Mini Surah al-Duha, followed by Surah at-Tin, now Prophet Yusuf Adventure Series!

Anyway, we are having our first Quran Storytime here in Masjid UIA this coming Saturday – 4th of March inshaAllah!



Alhamdulillah the event was over, thank you everyone who has attended, and special gratittude to the volunteers who have helped me to organize Qur’an Storytime for the first time in UIA Gombak.

Below is a video by Telaga Biru on the programme:

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Till next time inshaAllah!