With ‪#‎worldhijabday‬ around the corner, I would like to share a very good product with all hijabees and hijabees-to-be out there.


Recently, to my pleasant surprise, a friend introduced me to a brand new, organic hair serum called CoolHijab. I know, the brand name itself is cool, right? smile emoticon Wait till you actually try it!

Well I decided to, and it immediately won my heart! As the name suggests, the most special feature of CoolHijab is keeping the hair and head cool. No kidding, it really is soothing especially when I have to walk in the sun and move around when attending classes at the university. So, I have been using it ever since. CoolHijab is made from organic and natural ingredients, without alcohol.
That makes it an awesome product. But not only that, it has a unique scent that is very pleasant for your hair. The fact that a group of young Muslims brothers came up with this product, to me, is also cool.


But what I love MOST about CoolHijab, is that special attention for sisters. Well, that catchy name is kind of making a statement that wearing hijab is COOL, even when you are out in the hot weather, because you stay comfortable all day long with your cool companion, CoolHijab. Trust me, it’s worth trying for your crown! *yeah sisters know what I mean*

So, without thinking much, I decided to help in spreading this good product around. Because it’s so cool in so many ways, I really want everyone to try it! 🙂

DukkanMaya is also having promotion for stock clearance of the previous version of CoolHijab.

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Stock Clearance Promotion

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